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About Vizera

Vizera is a European clinical research organization (CRO) based in Slovenia (EU) that specialises in clinical trials and regulatory services. 

The company was established in 2014 and is part of the Medis group. We operate in the Balkan region, but we are also present in East Europe and Baltics. We are proud that customers from all over the world have selected Vizera as their long-term partner.

The Vizera team comprises individuals with education, knowledge and expertise from diverse scientific areas such as pharmacy, (bio)medicine, (micro)biology,  biotechnology, food science and nutrition, and chemistry.

Our work experience includes working as scientists for the academia, industry of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and national regulators for medical devices, medicines and food. We are devoted professionals with academic background and passion for clinical research. We love to practice the fit-for-purpose approach when conducting clinical trials.


Clinical Trials

Do you want to link your product to a medical purpose, health claim, treatment or beneficial effect on health and well-being and thus provide it with added value on the market? Then your product needs good clinical evidence to demonstrate its safety and efficacy. With our promptly delivered and high quality service, you can put your trust in us.

Being aware that this goal requires high-quality clinical data obtained from the results of appropriate and well-conducted clinical trials, we pay special attention to the preparation of the protocol – prudent choice of research objectives, endpoints, methods, statistical analysis and care for safety and well-being of participants.

We take care that all strict criteria of clinical trials are met in order to ensure the applicability and reliability of the results of a clinical trial and thus an accurate assessment of safety and efficacy of the product.

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Regulatory Services

Each category of products (medical devices, medicines, food supplements and other foods, foods with health claims and/or novel food) requires its own approach.

We help you take the right regulatory path for a successful launch of your product.

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Our mission is to work for the benefit of our customers, employees, shareholders and the wider community.

Our vision is to be Europe’s go-to CRO, offering on-time delivery of clinical trials for medical devices and nutraceuticals. Being the prominent CRO means being only the very best in terms of quality and cost-efficency in order to maximize the value of our customers’ products.

  • We value our employees. When it comes to realising our vision, we are all equal partners in the team.
  • We forge long-term relationships by understanding our customers’ needs and surpassing their expectations.
  • We are committed to the highest ethical standards, and take full responsibility for our decisions and actions.
  • We believe in excellence and see obstacles as challenges to be overcome.
  • We aim to improve the well-being of society. We care for our environment.
  • Full service CRO 
  • High quality and customized services
  • Results are delivered on time and within budget 
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Highly skilled and well-trained staff
  • Flexible and highly motivated team
  • Multidisciplinary team who understands the medical devices, medicines and nutraceutical market needs
  • Established a broad network of professional and motivated investigators
  • Multiple trial sites 
  • Vast knowledge of local and European regulatory environment 

We will be happy to meet your needs and listen to your wishes and ideas.